Aluminum Design

Available in two sizes to accomodate your various
charging needs: 2 Port and 3 Port. Both chargers are
beautifully designed with aluminum and feature universal
rapid charge modes. Easily and quickly charge your
iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, iPod, camera and
even bluetooth devices.

Our most popular Car Charger

The ExoCharge 3 Port car charger is our most
popular car charger. Capable of charging 3 devices
at the same time without sacraficing the charging
speed, makes this the perfect solution for any
mobile warrior.

Backed with 5.1Amps of charge power you can
quickly and easily charge your devices.


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The 2 port car charger

Our ExoCharge 2 port car charger is simple, sleek and fast. The minimalist design
packs a punch with 2.0Amps and 2 ports of simultaneous rapid charge..

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The world is technologically advancing at a swift pace day by day. The dire requirement is to keep abreast with newest gadgets and gizmos. Utilizing new released gadgets and accessories improves quality of life and invites comfort. Exhaustion of battery means dire necessity of backup. Modern life is incomplete without Smartphone, tablets and other handheld devices. Ironically insufficient battery backup is a concern that baffles iPhone and smartphone users.  In case you are a frequent traveler then iPhone car charger is an extreme necessity of life.  Choosing a reliable iPhone charger from EXOGEAR that designs and manufactures smartphone related accessories.

Market is flooded with plenty of iPhone chargers purely designed for convenient usage. Charging the iPhone during the tenure of journey saves valuable time. Opt for lightweight, compact, dependable, stylish approach.  The collection of EXOCHARGERS is available in two designs to cater your charging needs. Exquisitely designed EXOCHARGERS are compatible with Smartphones, tablets, camera, iPad, iPhone and other handheld Bluetooth devices.  The upcoming smart models of iPhone car chargers are fully competent to charge multiple devices simultaneously. EXOGEAR always presents aficionados with impeccable solutions.

In last few years the iPhone charger market has witnessed a steady jump.  Consumers are fascinated and magnetized towards latest accessories. Ease in handling, compatibility with variety of devices and integration of rapid changing technology. This is the prime reason that consumer seek Portable, sleek iPhone car charger. Limited battery backup of modern smartphones is a usual problem. EXOCHARGER is designed particularly to meet your charging needs. The aluminum design can charge multiple devices in their ports.  iPhone charger is a much needed accessory that can revive your phone’s dead battery.  In a very short spell EXOCHARGER has attained the title of being a popular car charger.

Utilize your time appropriately and sleek iPhone car charger is compatible with wide array of devices. Car chargers are compatible with variety of devices comprising iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad of all the generations popular tablets, phablets and different other smartphones. Rapid charge technology of EXOCHARGER is an added boon.