World’s Best Universal Car Mount

Pricey, sophisticated and sleek handheld electronic gadgets have become dire necessity of everyday life. Advanced handheld devices accompany us everywhere but handling them cautiously is a tedious challenge. Fragile nature and hefty price tag are the primary reasons that arouse our concern for suitable solution. It is really a perplexing task to find the perfect smartphone mounting solution, similar to locating a needle in a haystack. Despite the fact that tons of options are available it is very puzzling. Car mount holder is a reliable, affordable and adaptable solution. They can securely hold your pricey, fragile devices in their dependable grip even during appalling road conditions.

EXOGEAR deals in car mount solutions designed for smartphone and cellphones of largish sizes.  The upcoming suction technology is heavily reliable that can mount your device on almost any surface. Dashboard, windshield and other surfaces of vehicle whether flat, smooth, curved or irregular rough, easily and firmly dock with these mounting solutions.  EXOGEAR has engineered the mounting platform with the impeccable balance known as EXOMOUNT.  The glide stability allows adjustable movement for a tight grip of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S6/5, Galaxy Note and many more.  Do not worry, contrasting other devices EXOGEAR offers car mount that firmly supports newest android and GPS devices.

Salient features of EXOGEAR car mounts:

  • Promoting safety of the drivers by making driving safe for them. The probability of accident is minimized
  • Protecting expensive gadgets from shock
  • Driving becomes convenient and comfortable due to adjustable placement position of the devices

No Tools Required. Easy Installation.