ExoMount Tablet S CD


ExoMount Tablet S CD Features and Specifications:

  • Safely and securely mount  6 to 8-inch tablets
  • Easy one touch release
  • Mounts in most CD slots
  • 360° rotation and swivel
  • Vertical height customization
  • 1, 2, 3 easy installation
  • Sleek design
  • Minimum mounting size: 109mm, Maximum mounting size: 156mm
  • Size specification

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Additional information


For Smartphones & Tablets


5.02"W x 7.16"D x 1.97"H 127.5W x 182D x 50H mm


2.76"W x 2.36"D x 7.48"H 70W x 60D x 190H mm

Mounting Range

Minimum Size Tablet with Default Grip:
4.58"W x 0.98"D 115W x 25D mm

Expansion Grip (Included in package ):
4.29"W x 0.98"D 109W x 25D mm

Maximum Size Tablet with Default Grip:
6.14"W x 0.98"D 156W x 25D mm