ExoMount Tablet Ultra


ExoMount Tablet Features:

  •  Universal mount to fit smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Accommodates all devices from 4.2 to 10.5 inch screens
  • 360° head rotation & swivel
  • Perfect viewing angle positioning system
  • NFO  (Never Fall Off) technology with world’s best suction technology
  • Mount on virtually any dash and windshield
  •  Auto-Release for easy mounting
  • Anti-Vibration system



The most versatile Tablet Mount

The ExoMount Tablet Ultra holds Tablet PCs up to 10.5 inches as well as smartphones from 4.2 inches to 6.8 inches.

The Perfect View Mount

With over 1000 position combinations with our Perfect Viewing Angle Positioning System you can adjust the head and neck for the perfect viewing angle.

Anti Vibration Pad

We include a special pad to prevent vibration during bumpy rides. The pad absorbs shock to maintain stable position.

World’s Best Suction Technology

We guarantee the patented suction is the strongest suction anywhere.  Once installed, it will not fall off.

You can however easily remove the ExoMount anytime.  You can also wash the suction cup with water if it loses its stickiness to be good as new.

Horizontal or Vertical Viewing

You can slide the left arm out to hold the tablet vertically or simply use as is for horizontal viewing.

Quick Release

With a push of a button, you can remove the tablet mount or push down on the top lever for instant mount of the device.

Install as Easy as 1,2,3